Tecalco Mission

TECALCO is an innovative company operating in the Alluminium Technology. It is specialized in the production of flexible ropes for electrical conduction both for energy distribution and for automotive applications. It has created the first plant in Europe exclusively dedicated to the production of aluminum ropes. Thanks to the experience gained by the founders since 1979 in the drawing of aluminum.

The main factory, with a production capacity of over 10,000 tons / year, is located in the Port of Gioia Tauro and covers 36,000 square meters. in addition to production facilities and management offices, there is an internal laboratory, large storage areas and a research and development center. TECALCO’s competitiveness derives mainly from the innovative and sophisticated drawing technology that allows the simultaneous production of multiwire (Multi Wire Drawing Technology) in formation with up to 16 wires. The conformity of the products to the recognized standards (CEI, UNI, ASTM, BS, NF, DIN ..) or to the technical specifications defined in the specifications prepared by the customers, is guaranteed by the quality procedures and verified by the modern internal laboratory. Starting from aluminum and its alloys wire rod, Tecalco manufactures flexible ropes up to the maximum size required by the market, made up of wires with an external diameter starting from 0.16 mm. The construction of the rope follows different geometric structures such as “bunch strand,” prestrand “,” unilay “,” composed “. Tecalco also produces energy cords in class 2 such as AAC, AAAC, ACSR, made of wires of circular or trapezoidal section and also compacted. Tecalco is able to supply semi-finished products such as wires or multifilament, in accordance with any specifications requested by the customer.

Sales, Administration and R&D dept.

Technical laboratories and Commercial, Administrative and R&D departments

Main plant (South of Italy)

  • extended over 36.000 m²
  • industrial shed of 9.000 m² (capacity: 10.000 [t/y])
  • building of 1.000 m² including Technical laboratories and Commercial, Administrative andR&Ddepartments

Branch (North of Italy)

  • Sales, Administration and R&D dept.


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